week14_Final_Lamp shade

Inspirations Materials 3.5 Inch Solid Wood Block Cube: from Amazon 1/2Inch Baltic Birch: from Rita, and she bought from Prince Lumber Wood glue;  1000 and 1500 Grit Sand Paper;  Tung Oil Finish and Paste Finishing Wax : from home depot Lighting components: from the lighting shop(crazy expensive) PS: I bought a regular bulb at first, but it generated a… Continue reading week14_Final_Lamp shade

Design as Strategy and Practice

Week 10_A/D/O and Interactivity

I love the atmosphere of A/D/O, which is fulfilled with creative art and design. The main lobby’s ceiling design really amazed me. The city’s dramatical change by time could be seen through the skylight that includes a strategically placed mirror. It is an incredible broad view that allows anyone standing underneath to get good views of both the Brooklyn… Continue reading Week 10_A/D/O and Interactivity

Light and Interactivity

Week 10_24-hour lighting feature

My idea is to create early morning and late afternoon ambient light followed by daytime clock shadow.  I don’t have the board which has the RTC function, so I use the Arduino UNO and the millis() function to make the 24-hour lighting feature. And I bought the WS2811 LED strip which is powered by 12V. An… Continue reading Week 10_24-hour lighting feature