week8_Assignment: Turned Foosball Players

This week we are going to create a functional foosball player using the lathe. I love the idea of this assignment! Key Dimensions Overall height should be close to 4.3″ Maximum width/depth should be around 1.25″ There must be a hole to accept the foosball bar, the hole is 9/16″ in diam and 2.75″ from… Continue reading week8_Assignment: Turned Foosball Players

Magic Windows

Magic Window Final Project

I worked with Chloe Gao and Lucie Chen for the final project. Our concept was creating a scene of movie using narratives and storytelling. The story is about two couples of lovers, and their story will be different depends on the player’s path in a certain space. I focused on exploring more interactive possibilities to let users really… Continue reading Magic Window Final Project

Designing Meaningful Interactions

Week5_Prototype of airplane seatback order system

Suppose there was a physical button next to the screen to enter the order system, and the system could recognize the users’s seat number. —  The essential color is dark grey, which works like the background of vending machine. The secondary color is brown, which is the metaphor of dining-table. —  For the side menu,… Continue reading Week5_Prototype of airplane seatback order system