ICM: /week8/ Weather of next 16 days

I used the data resource of OpenWeatherMap to call 16 day / daily forecast data, in which the “q=Beijing” can be changed to any city. This is the final sketch(click submit): In this sketch, the curve graph shows the variation tendency of next 16 days’ evening temperatures basing on today’s evening temperature. And if it has… Continue reading ICM: /week8/ Weather of next 16 days


Fabrication: /week5/ Decorative String Chandelier

I want to make a Decorative String Chandelier for Halloween, so I bought those materials at Target. The main materials are: yarn, tacky glue(white glue), petroleum jelly (vaseline) , and balloon. Step 1, blow and hang the balloon. Step 2, coat the balloon with petroleum jelly to avoid the yarn stucking too firmly to the balloon. Step 3,… Continue reading Fabrication: /week5/ Decorative String Chandelier

ICM · Pcomp

ICM: /week5/ Synthesis and constructor function

About synthesis: The code is base on my second week’s assignment. We used a potentiometer and a pressure sensor which I made at soft lab as analog input, and changed the color of the background by the map function. About constructor function: My codes are here. Little bubbles and rectangles are making with array function.… Continue reading ICM: /week5/ Synthesis and constructor function


ICM: /week4/ Jigsaw Puzzletangram

mouse press to change mouse hover to change Jigsaw Puzzletangram is a kind of mathematical problem solving activity. The tangram puzzle consists of 7 geometric pieces which are normally boxed in the shape of a square. The pieces are used to create different patterns including animals, people, numbers, geometric shapes and many more. I tried… Continue reading ICM: /week4/ Jigsaw Puzzletangram