Magic Windows

Augment using data

Basic Process Import the file SimpleJSON.cs to /Assets/PlugIns/SimpleJSON Create AC Camera and an ImageTarget in the scene. On the ImageTarget, click Add Component to add a new Script file named GET_Request.cs, which imports the JSON data file and adds object array to the ImageTarget. Create different Prefebs and just drag them from Assets to the ImageTarget’s Element array. The prefeb itself… Continue reading Augment using data


week3_Skill Builder: CAD, CAM, CNC

I got my inspiration from this cute paper dispenser: So I drew this sketch: Then imported this jpg file into Vectorworks: The maximum thickness of the plywood is 0.705 inches, and the maximum diameter of the wood stick is 1.25 inches: So this is the final vectors image: Export the DWG file from Vectorworks to U disk,… Continue reading week3_Skill Builder: CAD, CAM, CNC


week2_Skill Builder: MILLING FLOOR BOARDS

I want to make a wood base for my candle light. The processes are as follows: Draw AI sketch Export as SVG file (The stroke weight is 0.1pt).   Add a New Tool for the Hardwood in Otherplan (step by step directions to add a new tool : (feeds and speeds for specific material, wood… Continue reading week2_Skill Builder: MILLING FLOOR BOARDS

Design as Strategy and Practice


Update  Make a “thing” I drew these four pictures and designed this animation to demonstrate what I’m interested in exploring in this class, which are: Discover all possibilities of a design topic, like traveling around the colorful world; Design things that are distinguish from the normal, like the unicorn; Get inspirations as juices flowing, like… Continue reading Week1 ASSIGNMENT