Pcomp final

update on 2016/12/15 This is the final project: —————————————————————————————————————- Video of current state: The project is still under construction. My next steps will be: 1.Add the interaction part in P5.js:  people can enjoy the rain and the rhythm by humming songs, and rain drops will change their directions according to the voice input and accompanied users… Continue reading Pcomp final


ICM: /final/Data Visualization of Twitter

Inspirations: 17 Ways to Visualize the Twitter Universe Data Visualization examples on twitter Tweet Sentiment Visualization Jer Thorp. He teaches in NYU’s ITP program, and he is also a TED speaker. There is a video about visualizing the world’s Twitter data. His blog has a tutorial about how to accessing information from the Twitter API with Processing.… Continue reading ICM: /final/Data Visualization of Twitter


ICM: /week8/ Weather of next 16 days

I used the data resource of OpenWeatherMap to call 16 day / daily forecast data, in which the “q=Beijing” can be changed to any city. This is the final sketch(click submit): In this sketch, the curve graph shows the variation tendency of next 16 days’ evening temperatures basing on today’s evening temperature. And if it has… Continue reading ICM: /week8/ Weather of next 16 days